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The Fledgling Author's Handbook

Michael Reisig

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"If you're serious about writing and marketing books, The Fledgling Author's Handbook cuts to the chase. Michael Reisig shows you how to effectively make a name for yourself." -- Julie Rogers Writer's Digest Writing Competition Grand Prize Winner.

From the lecture series by award-winning columnist and author Michael Reisig, The Fledgling Author's Handbook detail four vital segments of the new author's world:

1. Getting the attention of literary agents and publishers-- How to get through the door. What makes you appear a seasoned professional and what identifies you as an amateur, accepted protocol, formant and content of query letters, synopses, author bios, and more.

2. The many advantages of self publishing -- Why it is more viable, profitable, and controllable. A step-by-step approach offering the methods and secrets to successful self-publishing, and identifying the pitfalls of being published by conventional companies or subsidy publishers.

3. Marketing and Promotion -- A down-to-earth, first-hand accounting of the tricks of the trade for the novice publisher/author; the latest innovations, tried-and-true avenues, and little-known inroads to accomplishment, notoriety, and prosperity in the book business.

4. Resources -- No one succeeds at this enterprise without connections; knowing the right person to contact. This section contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the primary organizations the new author/publisher needs to successfully launch and maintain his or her career.

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