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The Old Man's Letters

The Old Man's Letters -- Second Edition

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Meet Jake Strider, a cantankerous country sage with and acerbic wit and a ribald sense of humor.

The Old Man's Letters chronicles some of Strider's more notable correspondence to his son over almost two decades. It's an hilarious, remarkably perceptive panorama of rural life, and the world outside it.

Jake's letters run the gamut from bizarre tales of crazy friends, to poignant social and political points of view. In between it all, he paints a portrait of country living so vivid you'll taste the rain on the wind -- and for an hour or two, you will become a part of America's heartland.

"You're going to laugh out loud!" - The Northwest Arkansas Times

"You'll laugh so hard, you'll embarrass yourself -- and you'll be heart-touched to silence." -- Scott Bourns, editor, The Mena Star

"Forget Chicken Soup. This is the meat and potatoes of Middle America!" -- Best-selling author, Richard Noone

"Reisig's 'old Jake Strider' is one of the great story-tellers of a passing generation -- blending keen observation with the art of the yarn, and he spins them beautifully." -- Tom McDonald, editor, The Log Cabin Democrat

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