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The Hawks of Kamalon

by Michael Reisig

Great Britain, Summer, 1944.

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A small squadron of British and American aircraft depart at dawn on a top secret, long-range strike into the heart of Germany, but as they cross the English Channel, the squadron vanishes.

Drawn thousands of light-years across the galaxy by Kamalon's "Sensitive Mothers," ten men and their aircraft are shot from a swirling vortex into an emerald sky above a semi-tropical coastline, a coastline whose single most significant feature is a giant, winding wall. When they land, they are greeted by a roaring crowd near a field before the provincial capitol in Kamalon, on the continent of Azra, a land in desperate need of champions.

Captain Ross Murdock, Squadron Leader Robert Carlson, and 51 Squadron are cast into a whirlwind adventure of intrigue, treachery, and romance as they become the reluctant heroes of a metaphysical people suffering the aggressions of a highly advanced technological society from the other side of their planet. The Kretes, on the opposite side of the globe, have developed flight and added a terrible new weapon to their aircraft. The Azrans, adroit metaphysically, but without advanced means of war, are unable to defend themselves against this new threat. They are forced to "cull" their "Hawks" from another world.

At first for the reward, but later for the love of the land, 51 Squadron defends the skies of Azra. It isn't long however, before they discover plans for a Krete invasion of Azra.

While Carlson is shot down and imprisoned by Nygol, the mercurial Lord of Krete, Murdock and his boys are culled back and forth across the universe, stealing munitions from the Germans in a attempt to prepare Azra for the coming invasion.

Tyrannical villains, passionate lovers, a bitter enemy on two planets and a homicidal traitor in Kamalon's court allow few dull moments for Squadron 51.

The Hawks of Kamalon is a heart-hammering adventure in the tradition of Robert Heinlen and Jack Higgins, but it also examines the parameters of faith and friendship, the qualities that define civilization, and the width and depth of spirit.

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