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Brothers of the Sword Children of Time

Brothers of the Sword Children of Time

Two Complete Novels spanning 300 years -- bound together by a lost Spanish treasure and the eternal journey of spirit and soul. A captivating tale of the past and the present -- of romance, rescue, and revenge.

Brothers of the Sword 1668 -- Englishman Trevor Holte sails for Barbados and the West Indies in search of adventure, but the challenges he encounters are beyond his wildest dreams - the brutal Spanish, a hidden treasure, a buccaneer king, and the beautiful Anne Catherine. However, some treasures outlive the men who bury them ...

Children of Time 1980 -- Three adventurers set out from Key West in search of a lost treasure on the Isle de la Tortue, off the coast of Haiti. Equipped with an ancient parchemnt and a handful of clues, they embark on a journey that carries them back across time, and they uncover more than a treasure -- they discover the power of friendship and faith, and come to realize that, some things are forever...

"Strap yourself in and sail away on the adventure of a lifetime. A swashbuckling, crash-and-burn page-ripper full of historical and spiritual insight. Excellent!"
-Best-selling author Dr. Michael Johnson

"Michael Reisig has done it again -- cast his readers into a mesmerizing odyssey of land and sea. A riveting tale of timeless friendships, dark-hearted men, captivating women, and seafaring action so real you'll taste and feel the salt spray."
- Kip Blevin -- The Key West Citizen

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